Way back in a few years ago, I managed a number of new initiatives in an IT firm. The job might be quite similar to the Innovation Manager in some companies, involving 40% product idea validation and the rest 60% I dare to say mostly stakeholder management — enabling cross-functional teams to deliver the next big thing. And OH! the enormous pain it had caused me due to their lack of interest and response.

The UX team changed designers half way and had to spend long hours reworking; The tech team delayed the promised progress but never could tell me…

Last Friday I had a deep and fascinating discussion with 2 Product Managers regarding data collection and analytics in a world of privacy. The issue arises is that privacy concerns, pixel blockers are choking user data analytics, without which, great products cannot be built. People are talking about a solution; some are building alternatives. What shall product people do exactly?

In a world of agility, it’s safer to say “we are just trying” than “do this you’ll succeed”. …

Low or no code tools are there to help product people move the idea validation process along before involving in devs or the broader team. And for entrepreneurs who look for a product market fit, they shall give more fun than Nintendo or PS5 eh?

There are many such brilliant tools. One that I’ve used before is Bubble.io, a web app building platform.

Screenshot of bubble.io editor interface (free version)

On Bubble.io (https://bubble.io), you are able to build not only a prototype but also an actual scalable product. So it’s extensive enough if you’ve made your mind up to publish an early prototype. …


A little diary of a product person’s learnings, hopefully also helps others one or two. If you fancy a chat, email me at evamoin@protonmail.com

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