No Code Tools For Idea Validation

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2 min readMar 12, 2021


Low or no code tools are there to help product people move the idea validation process along before involving in devs or the broader team. And for entrepreneurs who look for a product market fit, they shall give more fun than Nintendo or PS5 eh?

There are many such brilliant tools. One that I’ve used before is, a web app building platform.

Screenshot of editor interface (free version)

On (, you are able to build not only a prototype but also an actual scalable product. So it’s extensive enough if you’ve made your mind up to publish an early prototype. No programming knowledge is required, but good logics and design skills are needed, some CSS knowledge would also be preferable.

Another one I find incredibly sleek is POP by Marvel, previously just POP (

Screenshot from POP tutorial

What I love about POP is that like many people, I draw product ideas firstly on paper. It comes natural when I show them to the design team. But if I want to demonstrate the page interactions and show off a bit (well, not really), I can turn to POP. By taking photos of the sketches on paper and draw interactions on the photos, voila! I have an interactive prototype.

But this might be more on the rapid prototyping side, or even user research side, which touch upon another grand topic… I’ll stop here.

Other tools recommended by product people around me:

-> Bravo Studio is good for building mobile apps:

-> Figma, well used UX builder:

-> Immediately after that, Figside turns Figma design into a website:

-> Userberry is useful if you want to add a layer of analytics, Figma integration included:

Any others that I’m missing?

At this point, a contradictory question actually popped up — with all these early validation work, have we avoided wasting dev resource but inevitably missed the impact that devs can bring to the product discovery?



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